Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Oh shit

I was going to blog about how great practice went last night and how I got to see a softer, friendlier side of out team captain and how the girls were asking about my derby name and how I need to pick one.

Then I had a catastrophy.

I was sending an email to my friends to get suggestions on said derby name. only, it didn't go to my friends. Nope. it went to a group on property. and some off property. and the recall? only partially worked. there's still multiple emails roaming around. It went almost to the top. and I? am totally panicked. I told the bossman, and I have done what damage control I can, but, um, yeah. that's bad. against company policy. and REALLY embarassing.

I'm waiting for it to bite me in the ass. The people teasing me about it are really helping because it makes me feel better. it's the higher ups that I have not heard from that scare me. I try to be invisible in my cave. I feel like I just ran through the resort nakid.


Sensei Ern said...

Offer to advertise the firm as pennance.

Witchy Woman
Lefty With a Strong Right

I even have a slogan for you: "Skate Happens"

pubjpllv: Act of sending emails to the wrong group.

Gary said...

There was a girl in my office who was emailing her sister and she sent the e-mail to five hundred computers. She was very embarassed. :)

sharon reynolds said...

dang, I've been hunting for a roller girl name for months now, literally months, not that I have any business on the rink but I figure if I can name it I can visualize it and perhaps achieve it... and it's taken forever. you, my girl, truly need one!

let's get together and figure one out over some pho!!!

sr - aka that chick who likes how your soap smells. and i swear i took it out of the package and have been using it, too! {wink!}