Monday, January 18, 2010

Simpler times

I miss the simpler times. When "dating" was easy.

When if you liked a boy and he liked you, you sat next to each other on the carpet during story time and that made him your boyfriend. There was no pressure from your friends to hook up, there was no first date anxiety or worry that he might kiss you because kissing was gross. There was no waiting by the phone to see if he would call because he didn't call. You weren't allowed to call anyone but Grandma or maybe the kid next door to come out and play.

And there was no "Let's just be friends" or "Sorry, I'm not into you" conversations because chances were, you'd forget each other existed over the summer or you'd be in different classes the next year.

And, no one asked, ever, why you are still single. Date #2 asked me that via text the other day. I told him it's because I haven't found a man who can put up with my snoring and super long toe nails. He asked how long and how loud...

I realize that this isn't a way to create a lasting relationship, and for goodness sake, it doesn't really work that way for adults, but I really do miss the simplicity of the concept.

Anyone want to bet on how long it takes me to get tired of dating this time? I'm thinking, not very long.


Chickie said...

Date #2 is a tool. (though I take back saying that if he ends up being your husband or something)

Senseiern said...

Date #2 is a David D'Angelo PUA. Expect him to neg you about everything.

Instead of getting upset, just look him in the eyes and say, "Look, I am already into you. Stop the D'Angelo crap and be a real person. If you like me, then we are good."

If he doesn't stop, say, "I have better things to do than put up with your petty drama. Come see me when you get out of the 3rd grade." hen end the date.