Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Record? I really can't remember

Three dates in three days with three different men. YIPES!

I don't want to do that every week.

I've already mentioned date 1. Date two was nice. He's fun. Date 3, maybe there will be a second date, we shall see. He leaves Monday for Vegas on business for 3 months so to me, well, that's a long time. Oh wait, tomorrow is Monday. I don't do long distance.

No, that's not right. Date 1 was on Tuesday. but it still might be a record. I don't think I need to break it.

Now, where did I leave that knitting pattern? I want to finish those slippers.

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Senseiern said...

I got you beat! I had four dates with four different women in ONE day!
(This was last Sunday)
Date 1: Breakfast with Yoga Instructor

Date 2: Lunch with the runway model

Date 3: Took BOTH the runway model AND the police woman to the target range to practice pistol shooting

Date 4: The lawyer took me to see the movie "Book of Eli", which is not a bad movie. Has an interesting twist at the end that might make some see the movie again to see if they spotted a flaw.

Date four then took me to a brewery/chophouse for steaks.