Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I saw a movie last night that really hit home.

While I am not nearly as exaggerated as the main character and I am very much more open about my issues, in many ways, she could easily have been me.

Hello. My name is Ginamonster, and I am a Shopaholic. 

Anyone that knows me knows that I have places I call hot spots. I try to avoid them. Hot spots are places I can't seem to resist spending money. Not on designer clothes, on stuff. Wal Mart. PetSmart. Joanne's Fabric. Lowes. Places I can't seem to go without spending money. Money I don't have. It isn't that the items call me in from the store windows or that I would risk a job interview or a friendship to shop; but maybe I would if I hadn't realized many years ago that I have a problem.

I think Wal Mart was my first Hot Spot. It was a wonderland of cheap stuff I didn't think I could live without. I would go there, tell myself I could have anything I wanted, and I would. For some reason, money wasn't really an issue, it was space. The space filled up fast. When  I moved from my apartment I found stuff that was still in the bag. Still had tags. Stuff that I had repurchased because I had forgotten I already had it. Stuff, I couldn't for the life of me figure out why I needed in the first place.

I've gotten better. I made up rules. If I can't answer the two questions, I cannot buy whatever item I am craving.

What am I going to use it for?
Where am I going to put it?

I'm also not "allowed" to buy anything I can't carry. I will often pick up a small basket and fill that instead of getting a large one. I will find a way to fill it. It's FUN to fill up the basket. It is NOT fun to carry around a heavy load of whatever. There are exceptions to this. Sometimes, I need more room. Like when I am grocery shopping or I have big things to buy. Which brings me to the OTHER rule.

I can't buy it if I don't know how I am going to get it home. My car is a shopping machine. It can hold a LOT of stuff. But nothing over 6 ft. or Wider than about 4 ft. Which pretty much covers anything that I might want to buy that I can't carry but I still stick to the rule. It's safer that way.

It's hard, when I am in the craft store or at the home supply store. I can ALWAYS think of something to do with that stuff. I need a new plant. I need a new lawn thingy. I need... No I don't. I mean, sometimes I do, but mostly I don't. Heck, I could probably open my own craft store.

Walk away.

Most of the time I can. And I do. As long as I stay away from those places. And control the urge.

I understand that like any addiction, I will always have it. I may be able to decline a drink or say "No" to drugs, but a sale is tough. 

And getting rid of all that crap is tougher. I'm looking forward to packing my belongings because I will have the opportunity to go through everything again. I'm planning a garage sale. And maybe even a craft stash-buster sale. 

I don't really want to take it all with me. Again.


RebTurtle said...

Yeah, Wally World is dangerous, but not as bad as Home Desperate and Hardware Hawaii. Unfortunately, my shopping machine fits a little more stuff I don't really need than yours does. I can go 2 years on 3 shirts and 4 pairs of jeans from Wal Mart, but can't go a month without hitting a hardware store of some kind.

Sensei Ern said...

OK, My hot spot...yes only one. Book stores.

I go to Barnes & Noble (Nobel?) and I have no idea what I want to read, I just know that knowledge is freedom and books hold knowledge, and I want to be freed.

So, I wander the aisles like Walmart zombies at 2 am. I see a book on Extreme Weather...bought it.

Self-taught Tai Chi. Bought.

A whole kit to draw and paint horses...bought.

Even the times I do not buy a book, if I read a book to consider buying it, I feel guilty for breathing the store's re-circulated air, and putting fingerprints on their wares that I have to buy something.

I have a notebook I use for my daily journal that is now a weekly journal and will soon be a monthly journal.

Which I write in with the pen that is also an FM radio.

Which I bought after I lost the siler-plated fancy-smancy pen.

Craft stores I have under control. I only buy things I know I need, and things that inspire me to expand my craft talents. You should see the Conan-esques leather braces i made. Since I don't want tatoos, I painted gold tribal tats on the black leather.

It's kinda a Napolean Dynomite sorta way.

Any place else, I go window shopping. If I really want something, I set aside money until I save enough for it, or realize I don't relly need it.

Chickie said...

Michael's craft store...I'm not even crafty but I like little shiny things. And, I should kill my PayPal account.

I admire your strength. For real.