Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Still truckin'

I met a man the other night. A single man. An interested man.

It's a good thing, this. I am interested too. Torn between old habits and new possibilities, but interested. He's attractive, but not SO attractive that I am afraid to talk to him. THAT is also a good thing. Divorced, of course, as most men around here are, with 4 kids that live in another state. (it's possible that I misheard the other state thing. 4 kids came through loud and clear) He was introduced to me by a mutual friend who spent the whole evening going back and forth between the two of us getting the scoop on what we think of each other and passing along whatever information she thought important. I thought it was funny and plan to get to know him on my own and make my own opinions. I think she was enjoying the job of matchmaker.

Old habits, unfortunately, keep whispering CNR in my ear. But the truth of that matter is that we are friends and he's either not really interested in me that way or he just has too many other things going on to take on a woman too. I respect either situation. I have a tendancy to wait, when I think there is some sliver of a chance at a future, and I don't want to do that again. I've spent too many years waiting. I also tend to get hurt when whatever man I have been waiting for walks through the proverbial door with a woman on his arm and it isn't me. I don't know what the future has in store.

Which means I have to do what is right for me right now. Because there's a surprise around every corner and I am looking forward to getting together Friday after next with BBQ Man (who needs a different name, but that in time MAYBE). You just never know.


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It's always good to get back on the horse.