Sunday, May 10, 2009

Remember that guy?

I walked into the bar last night after our bout, and was pulled aside by Wifey. She informed me that the fellow behind the bar was indeed B's ex wife's evil ex boyfriend. 

Shit. I don't want this man to know who I am and he already asked Wifey her name and eliminated her from his list. MY name tag didn't have my name on it so I thought I could sail through the night undetected.

Silly Monster.

I had to give him my card when I ordered my drink. Then the girls put me at the Mic to promote our next bout since I knew when it was and I was the least drunk. And I introduced myself, of course. (Actually, I think I might have been shouting into the mic. Bad. I know better.  Anyway...)

Vindictive had asked me what I would do. She offered to back me up if I needed it. I sent a text to B letting him know and he warned me to be careful. I promised both that above all else, I would be a lady. 

I didn't have to worry about it. Apparently, he's damn scared of me (as he should be) and every time I walked up to the bar, he booked it the other way. The other bartender was more than happy to get my drinks, and honestly, his were tastier; if rum and coke can be tastier. Remind me to stick with SoCo and Seven. .  I ignored him and plan to do just that anytime he happens to work one of our parties. I have nothing to say and no kindness for him beyond what I would give to anyone serving my drinks. He has a job to do, and I respect that.

Sometimes, it's kind of fun to be a psycho bitch.


VickeyMichelle said...

Off topic. Its killing me I need to know what the TMI was. I know i'll regret it but.....

Ginamonster said...

Still won't tell you. It's for your own mental safety.