Friday, May 29, 2009

Angels and Demons

Despite my broken picker when it comes to men, I have excellent taste in friends. (Actually, all but a couple of the men I have dated turned into wonderful friends. My mother would say that I am a good person and therefore attract good people, but she is my mother and therefore biased.

Nevertheless, I am blessed with a life full of wonderful people.

One of them, I call wife.

Ours is connection brought on by a love of all things Muppets and 80's. Ok most things 80's. It has grown into the kind of friendship most people don't get to enjoy as adults. We giggle, we laugh, we spend far too much time phoning and texting each other. It's like being in Jr High. With cars. And a distinct lack of parental guidance. And booze.

The definition of a Derby wife as written by the ladies who developed the concept is a lot longer than I care to describe here. there are things on the list that I hope Wifey never has to deal with. Mostly, jail time. And puking. I can't guarantee that there won't be puking if I keep drinking like I drank last night. ahem. there are things on the list that she has dealt with.

Wifey accompanied me to the hospital the other night. Truth be told, I likely wouldn't have gone if she hadn't gone with me.

I sprained my knee in the February bout. I didn't realize I was even hurt until I had pain later. It took over a month for me to ask my chiropractor about it. I followed his instructions and forced myself to skate light for awhile. For me, skating light means no falling drills or anything that might knock me over. then, one night, I did a turn that sent me to the floor. It didn't hurt my knee as badly as it hurt my head when IT hit the floor. I saw stars. I was dingier than usual after that. Not a good sign but I (obviously) survived. And stopped doing drills and just skated in circles for a few weeks.

It's now crunch time for our next Bout. (JUNE 27th!) My team, the Bang Bang Betties is skating against Wifey's team the Mafia Mollies. I hit the training hard. If I want to be in shape for bouting, I can't hold back. It's the way I am made. I reinjured the ankle, but skated anyway. At least, the knee was getting better.

Until Wednesday night when I tripped over Faithtality and went down hard. My knee made a bad noise and I breathed through it. it hurt bad enough that I cried. They helped me take off my skates and pad and led me off the rink. Ice was applied, as was laughter. I am greatful for Faith's stories as they kept me laughing when I wanted to cry. I don't like crying. I am NOT a pretty crier. Seriously.

When I mentioned that my toes were feeling a little numb, Wifey decided that it was time to go to the ER.

Hot Doctors make it all worthwhile. Note my phone. the texting and twittering never stopped.

Neither did the laughter and the fun. Or the making fun which is why we are indeed going to hell. But we will be in good company. And I will consider myself blessed, even in hellto have her company.

I'm sprained again. With a vicodin prescription that I haven't filled yet although people keep asking me for one. (NO) (BTW, not impressed with the vicodin. it wired me up and then I couldn't sleep. And while my knee wasn't hurting, the ankle still was. What kind of pain pill only cuts one pain-spot?) I don't know if I will be able to bout; I don't want to injure myself further. And it's gonna suck to watch my team skate without me. i suppose it doesn't hurt to pray for fast healing. But I am already blessed in so many ways...


VickeyMichelle said...

Dood if you don't skate you can keep Hott Dr. Eric company...we need to take tickets over there....

Chickie said...

You should go find the Doctor for a checkup. Ahem.

I hope you feel better by Bout time. And if you don't, I hope you have enough sense to rest and drink beer from the sidelines.