Saturday, May 17, 2008

That hurt

In an effort to be able to pay my rent this month (just went up. lovely) I cancelled my fiber of the month subscription. That hurt tangibly.

Why do I need this house sooner rather than later?

I'll be 15 miles closer to work for one. That's 30 miles a day. 150 miles a week. About half a tank, actually, although with all the freeway driving I have been getting better milage. When I'm spending 50 bucks every couple of days to fill the tank (yes, I know that's nothing compared to what other people spend. but it's a lot for me and I don't drive a big ole SUV or giant truck. I drive a Honda.)

My mortgage will be less than my rent.

I won't be living in half my available space

I won't be paying to store my belongings (included in my rent)

Baby will be back in her cage instead of in the cramped quarters she's been living in for far too long. This bothers me every day.

So please think good, positive thoughts about escrow closing earlier than June 11, the date we requested the extension through because I don't really mind being house poor, but apartment poor sucks. I miss my fiber package already. I need to figure out how to set up a soap of the month club because it's FUN to look forward to getting something you love every month.


Chickie said...

Sending good thought beams.

Fiber of the month? Do they send vitamins or food?

Ginamonster said...

Wool. Glorious, colorful, spinnable wool. Sigh.

rebturtle said...

Wool? I thought you had to cut back on buying shredded wheat and celery from Costco. Here's to you getting your own place - and your very own bathroom. Just think, you can have a Happy Nekkid Everyday!

bratty said...

"I don't really mind being house poor, but apartment poor sucks."

Ain't that the TRUTH!