Thursday, May 08, 2008

The silence was deafining

SO I'm out with the Cowboy, and we're minding our business, chatting as usual, at a local casino where he had heard they had good pizza (fuckin liars. ok, it was edible. but not out of this world. And mostly it was good because it had BACON on it. )

Our waitress walks up (finally) to take our order and says the following:

"You two are so IN LOVE; you're just chattin away!!"

We both stared at her. You could hear the crickets over the sound of the slot machines (shut up, we didn't know the sports bar was open to the casino, neither of us had been there before)

She walked away and we returned to our previously scheduled conversation.

puppy pictures to come. I have more pictures of the dog than the man. That's not saying much...


othurme said...

I would have skipped the pizza and just ate the bacon.

Rich | Championable said...

Like, non-reactive silence? If so, that's kind of cool.

Chickie said...

Everything's better with bacon.

Don't you love it when people say shit like that? If you want to make random chatter with me, talk about the weather.

Ginamonster said...


rich-it was double "you are an idiot" silence, actually. But it wasn't talked about maybe that's good, I don't know.

Chickie-very much so. we didn't want chatter, we wanted food.