Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Derby Moments

Although scrimmaging was pretty sweet, I think my favorite moment of the evening was when I flashed my wife to get her to smile for the camera. It worked fantastically.

and no you can't see pictures, my boobs look like crap in that bra. And no, I won't take pictures so you can decide.

OH! and I promised puppy fun!!



rebturtle said...

Wow, time to start shaving those arms. Not the puppy. It looks okay with hair....... :p

Buzz said...

Crazy eyed cute lil thing

Ginamonster said...

Randy, the hair is my body's way of protecting my skin against the wind.

Who am I kidding? that's not me, my feet are flat!!

buzz, you an only imagine how incredibly cute he is. I adore him.

Bratty said...

OH. MY. GOODNESS!!!!! That puppy is too cute! I hate to admit it, but I am understanding more and more, some girls' obsession with small dogs, especially after watching my puppy grow up. I was sad to see the puppy grow into the dog :o(