Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tales of disorderly eating part 2

You would think that by realizing that there was something wrong with my eating habits that I would change them, but remember, kids are lazy.

And then we moved. No more friends (at all, really) with free lunches. If my new friend or two noticed that I didn't eat, nothing was said. I'm sure I was simply the weird new girl who never had lunch. Among other things. I didn't fit in well in my new school.

Somehow I got through Jr High without starving to death. I ate heartily at home and learned all about Grandma's Double Chocolate Cookies which were only 75 cents. I could generally find that on my parents dresser without them noticing. I was young and skinny. I thought I would always be young and skinny. I still think I should be!

Freshman year, I was adopted by my sister's friend Cong who, when he discovered that I didn't eat lunch, took it upon homself to make sure I ate lunch every day. Cong became my  "brother" and my protector, making sure none of the other boys could get near me to ask me out on a date. I gained 25 pounds in the first few months of 9th grade (was still all bones and boobs) and eventually rallied against kind Cong's overprotective ways. I have often wondered what happened to him. I hope he is well and happy. Seester might know.

Then we moved again.

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