Monday, October 18, 2010

Holy Crap we rocked it

We skated well on Saturday and although we lost by 5 points, we ONLY lost by 5 points. I couldn't be prouder of us.

Sensei wants to know how I am doing.

I'm having good moments and difficult moments. Overall, I still feel as though I made the right choice. But I'm not going to lie and tell you that I don't miss him or that I don't half expect to see his car in the driveway as I come around the corner.

But he tried that last week. And I never came home. (well, I did, but not until later than he expected)

It hurt a little so see his facebook status changed to single tonight even though we are no longer together. It put a funny sort of finality on it. I know it is part of his healing process. My time schedule likely would have been about the same.

If it hadn't been the right thing to do I would regret it.

When I think about it too much it hurts. Like right now. Otherwise, I'm doing ok.

I should really hit the hay. Chango is growling and howling at me that it's time for bed. He's a talker, that one.

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