Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I watched him dance

a vendor came into my office a little bit ago. My office is in the warehouse approximately half way between the East and West walls. the Fish department is directly behind and takes up the other half to the East. I am in a small modular.

A vendor came up a bit ago and popped his head in my door. He has been working on the HVAC system in Fish.

"there has to be a closer bathroom than the one across the building to where I have been working!" Said he.

"Um, there's one in the fish offices"

I gave him approximate directions. As I started explaining, he started dancing.

"Ok! gotta Go!"

He headed back to the Fish department.

I hope he made it...

I don't think I've ever seen a 50 some odd year old man do the peepee dance before. Especially at work...

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Sensei Ern said...

He's an amatuer! LOL!

When I was in sales, I learned to never eat nor drink anything if I planned on seeing a client.

For some reason, people look down on sales people who use their facilities, as if they forget that salespeople are human.

What is really bad is when salesmanagers push a guy to increase sales, to the point the guys stresses over being at the job or taking a sick day off.