Saturday, November 08, 2008

Because it's convenient?

In the months since I moved into my cute little house with the tree out front, I have reverted back to my teenage hyper green-ness. As Rebturtle will attest, I was the president of my high school environmental club and quite rabid about environmental issues. Heaven forbid you should pull a clump of grass from the ground in front of me. After school was over, I headed strait into the Americorps*NCCC where I spent 10 months pulling invasive plants in the woods and building trails, among other things. I graduated from the program fully intending to change the world! and do something huge! And...

I discovered that there is no recycling service in most apartment complexes. And gosh, it's really frustrating to have to take my cans and paperboard to the center. Plus, it annoyed the boyfriend. And I didn't drink that much soda anyway.

And so I languished. Promising myself that when I had a house I would RECYCLE! and when I learned about it, COMPOST! Three houses later, I do. I think it's fun to think about whether this or that will go into the compost bin which is currently pretty well full of Bunny poo (Its a very small bin) and the Worms! They live on my counter and eat leftovers! (and need a bigger bin too) And the baskets outside! all I have to do it put stuff in there and I KNOW it will get turned into something else. I just wish I could compost all those leaves that are falling off my trees.

So, I was talking to a coworker the other day. And I was getting all excited about the things that I try to do to reduce my carbon footprint (namely, my heater generally hovers around 64 when I am home. I think I am channeling Calvin's Dad) And he said the following:

"I don't do any of that because I figure people like you will make up for it"

I went after him with a box of saw blades. Ok, it was empty (ooh, I could compost that!)

And then, as I walked away, I asked myself, if it weren't convenient, would I let people like my Seester who is more conscious than I, carry my load too? And when will we wake up as a society and care for reals??

This helps me...

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RebTurtle said...

Oh for the love of God don't hurt the grass!!

Yes. I remember. ;)

You were definitely green before green was cool. You made up for it by being super quirky-cool though!