Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Great Bunny Odyssey

Somehow, the other day, I got it into my head that rather than a dog or a cat, I should get a bunny. A house bunny. An ANGORA house bunny so that I could spin (and sell) the fiber. But mostly because I, love bunny. Remember Jack? I miss Jack and all his bunny goodness. And Baby? Loves furry critters too.

So I set out on a search. Craigslist, petfinder, no one had an angora nearby. The I had an idea. I looked on craigslist in Sacramento. And found some bun.

I contacted the woman, and was assured that her farm is disease free. I don't want to go through the heartache I went through with Jack. We agreed to meet. Yesterday.

My darling wife would go with me.

What I didn't know was that it's HELL to get out of Reno on Labor Day. Labor Day after the Rib Cook off. Labor Day after the Burning Man Festival. It's fun watching the burners go by though...We turned off at Truckee and decided to go down 50 instead of the 80. Scenic. It was an extra hour. I wasn't too worried though because I hadn't heard from the bunny lady. I didn't have her phone number, all our correspondence had been through email, but I had left mine. The trip around the lake was lovely.

Do you know how many people leave Tahoe on Labor Day?

This trip turned out to be a huge mistake planning wise. But Wifey and I always have fun together and we both agreed that we should turn around. We tried to find a farm in Carson, Minden, or Gardnerville, but alas. I remain bunless.

Until Thursday. I spoke to the Bunlady today. We meet on Thursday in Auburn. She will bring the loot. Wifey will be in attendance.

Then I found her phone number in my purse. I had it all along.

Stay tuned for the Great Bunny Caper


Charlei_Foxxtrot said...

Hiya Gina! Remember me? I discovered that I'm not the blogging "type" (whatever that means), but I still like to eavesdrop on the lives of others from time to time. Yours is one that I had bookmarked. I was out in the Reno area last week for Burning Man. I had to come into Reno on Monday the 25th to have some repair work done on my RV generator. Wish I had thought about it because it would have been fun to have a cup of coffee or a beer with you. As far as BM goes, it was a wild experience, but I'm probably a one and done'er.

Chickie said...

Can't wait to see your bunny! I've always wanted one but have never had one.

lzymzy said...

I'm jealous! I haven't had a bunny since Cleo and Harvey, oh so many years ago. My mean husband tells me I don't need a bunny. Why does he deny me creatures? Furthermore, why don't I just get one anyway???

rebturtle said...

So to get the fur, do you shear him like a sheep? I'm sooo looking forward to a bunny Half-Nekkid-Thursday. I wonder if people will get him confused with one of those hairless chihuahua monsters. ;)