Sunday, September 14, 2008

Another year gone by

Another year, another birthday. I am officially in my thirties, even though technically, I have been there for awhile. It was a good weekend.

My mom flew up on Thursday and I took Friday off. We ate at restaurants and prepared for the BBQ I planned for Saturday partially to celebrate my day and partially to give my mom the opportunity to meet my friends, most importantly my wife. Wifey has become such an integral part of my life...We toured my warehouse on Friday and drove to the nearest brothel to have lunch since they advertise that they are a restaurant, saloon and museum. Bu they didn't answer at the gate so we left. WE spent the evening watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and drinking iced blended Baileys.

Poo arrived Saturday.

Saturday was a wonderful sunny day. I don't know what I would have done without Momi and Poo who helped me get the homestead ready to the party. My guests were plentiful and had a good time, I got tipsy but not too drunk, and we all enjoyed the goodies that fell out of the pinata Wifey brought. Louie was unable to attend due to a previous arrangement. But he did call and invite me to dinner for my birthday which made me feel all gooshy and happy.

I spent the morning skating. First at the skate park and then twice around the marina. My mom overheard some lady making nasty comments about my skirt which was short enough to see my underwear-you know, the ones I was wearing over nylons and over another pair of underwear. I am conservative for a derby girl!!

It was hard taking my mom back to the airport, but I had my date with Louie to look forward to and I dressed carefully in a demure dress and pearls. I was going for the opposite of my earlier outfit just in case I ran into that lady again. You never know. Reno is pretty small. Olive Garden is popular.

Dinner was nice and we made small talk as usual. I invited him to stay for a movie but he needed to go to bed early. He came in for a little while and we made more small talk. I was hoping for birthday kisses, he wanted to see what happens when you let Oliver out of his cage. I tried leaning near, perhaps I smell like garlic. Regardless, I think I have been downgraded to friend based on the goodnight kiss he planted on my cheek.

I shouldn't be upset. But I always am.

Better this way anyway.

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Chickie said...

Maybe Louie is just taking it slow?

Happy Belated Birthday!