Thursday, June 26, 2008

Whirlwind HNT

It's been a whirlwind couple of weeks.

My first derby bout went smashingly. I skated well, and have confidence that with work I can be even better.

Then it was off to Yosemite where I performed my second wedding ceremony at Glacier Point. It was a wonderful wedding, intimate and fun. But three days away when I felt like I needed to be home.

The rush of wedded bliss had me signed back onto Yahoo Personals as if it would be the answer to all of my troubles. I had a date planned for tonight with a a fellow who I first spoke to before I met Cowboy, before I moved. He's a little beyond my age range but I wanted to give it a try.

He had to cancel, but was apologetic. And I? wasn't really surprised. I've lost count of the cancellations, the disappointments. All I can figure is that the universe, for some reason, said, "not tonight dear".

Cable and internet will be set up in the new place on Saturday and I can start moving in, or should be able to, on Sunday. I know that packing is going to be a larger chore than I think it is and I haven't started.

I have another bout in a couple of weeks.

My knees hurt.

I've become easily irritated at practice.

I'm not sleeping properly.

It's gotta calm down soon.


Dan said...

I really wish we had roller derby in England as it looks fantastic to watch (well we do, but it's only in london as far as I can make out and that's too far away)

Doug Kaiser said...

Get in touch with me via email. I finally got a look at the hard drive from your computer. I need to buy some dvdr discs and I'll be able to send the pics to you. email a mailing address and i should have them to you within 2 weeks.

Doug K

Ginamonster said...

Dan-It's an extremely fast growing sport. I'm sure it will bust out of London soon. Or, you know, you coule pop across the pond and see it here!

Doug-Holy crap, really? OK!

Osbasso said...

Hey! Glad to see you pop in with us this week! Good luck with all your moving stuff!