Thursday, June 12, 2008

This may be a preemptive story

once upon a time there was a girl. And she met a boy. But the boy's heart was not available. So the girl waited.

One day, the boy decided that she should not wait anymore. That it wasn't fair, which is good because the girl had come to realize that if they boy really liked her, he would try harder.

The boy and girl decided to be friends. a few emails went by, a text message or two. An enjoyable phone call. The girl thought to herself that maybe, just maybe, this friendship thing would work even though she secretly hoped that the boy would miss her. (because that is what girls do)

Since she was a logical girl, she reminded herself not to be an idiot (again). But when the boy stopped responding to messages,it still hurt.

And the girl wondered why the boy would bother to tell her he valued her friendship if he was going to go away. And a little part of the girl knew that if he really did go away, it was better, and a little part hoped everything was ok. Because she didn't think he was that kind of boy.

not the end.


Dickie Maxx said...

All boys are that type of boy. We can't help ourselves

Sensei Ern said...

The dance of attraction is cruel. A boy demonstrates his value to a girl. The girl responds positively.

So, the boy demonstrates more. The girl thinks, "He's trying too hard. Something must be wrong."

The boy shows through further demonstration that nothing is wrong, he just is a very valuable person.

She then thinks, "He is too valuable for me." and goes her way.

If, on the other hand, the boy shows he is interested, she dismisses him as being of no value. Then, he tries to show his worth, she sees it as desperation.

It's all you females' fault. The line between unacceptable and unassailable is too narrow.

Chickie said...

Agh, this story! This story always has a sucky ending. I've had this story to tell too.

Ginamonster said...

Dickie-I'm hoping that I find one that isn't

Sensei-Really? your story goes both ways

Chickie-I have told it more than I like to talk about

All-C emailed me this morning and put all this into perspective for me. It really helped even though it still hurt a bit.