Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hate this part.

I went to the house today to meet the cable guy and to start cleaning over there. It wasn't bad, but needed a once over. I still need to vacuum. On the lighter side, as I was cleaning the cabinets in the kitchen, I found a jar of brown liquid. About 1/3 full. The label on the lid? Bourbon. Ray was shocked, I was tickled. He dumped it out. who knows how long it had been in there and I only drink Southern Comfort. The color was ll wrong for that.

Back at the apartment, things are overwhelming. I started getting Poo's room cleaned up and out-I bought his bed set from him and his bathroom still had stuff. I took all my cleaning supplies over to the house so I was stuck with comet ad vinegar. You can clean about anything with vinegar. I was amazed at how easily it cleaned the blood from the walls where his eczema left him cracked and bleeding. No, there wasn't that much. I just need to vacuum in there now.

Where to begin on the rest? It's a mess around here. a big, complicated mess. I have gathered more things over the last year than I should have. But I'll get it done. I always do.

I did take some time to relax too. Took a nap. read a book. blogged. Wish I could blog all the wonderful stories I have from the last couple weeks, but there really isn't time. I worry that they will be outdated when there is. I was even going to set them up on automatic. Oh well. Eventually.

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hello haha narf said...

we'll be here for the stories whenever you wanna write them...don't pressure yourself to do anything here until you have the ability.

packing is such a huge undertaking...uggggggggggh...