Sunday, February 03, 2008

It all happened so rapidly!

This weekend went by in kind of a blur.
Friday night, Cowboy was busy so I headed down to the Zephyr for some Rockabilly fun. Here's what I found:


Mosquito Bandito
A one man band. Played the drums, guitar,and sang. In the words of a fellow Roller Girl, "Who told him he sounded good?"

Another band
I don't know their name. But they were a lot more Rock than a billy. I mean, they had the stand up bass and the boufonted lead singer/guitarist, but I have never experienced Rockabilly with so much screaming. The bass player (the bass was held together with duct tape) looked and dressed a lot like Tom Green in Charlie's Angels. The drummer had wild crazy eyes like Pete Dougherty. And then, there was the guy with the washboard. Or at least the metal part of it. Hanging around his neck. And a cowbell hanging from that. I knew he was skinny because his jeans were fitted enough to show hie spindly legs. Then he took his shirt off. Heroin Chic. Put that shit back on. really.

I need to look that up because it's a real word and I don't know what they were afraid of. But they were pretty good.

Roller Girls:
They were crazy. It was like wrestlemania in there. I didn't join in per say, but I did push back a little. and, came out with a cigarette burn on my arm. Now, those who have seen it tell me it's not a big deal, but I really think that seeing burning embers on your arm constitutes a war wound. burning embers, damnit. No, I wasn't pissed. I thought it was kind of funny, but I can say that it was a strange experience for this California Girl to be in a bar where they were smoking. And apparently, there's no last call here. Not that I was out that late, I went home about midnight, but no. last. call. wow.

Went and looked at houses. I liked one. a lot. cross your fingers.

Hung out with Cowboy Saturday night. It was a good thing. and I was able to avoid Clint who still has not gone home.

today was quiet. i spent a lot of time in my room.

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