Monday, February 25, 2008


I am finding that I'm not altogether good at this whole job search thing. But I know I will learn and I will get better!

Had a good trip to San Francisco. I don't really like the city, but I had the my best trip yet. Wish I could have not worried about money, but that is a lesson I am learning right now. And really? I don't need more crap.

Actually, I am figuring out how the crap I have can make me some cash. I don't REALLY want to take the suggestion of one of the roller girls and go be a massage girl in a strip club. Even for $20 a song. But I'll do it if I need to, it's not like I'd have to take my clothes off or anything. I think...I wouldn't do that. ick.

Other thank that, things are good. I'll be picking up a little "side work" which will help while I find something permanent. And my Realtor says not to worry about anything right now. I'm glad he's willing to wait to jump off any bridges. We're all pooling our resources (I gave up my drum carder fund so that we have household money for food and stuff) and that's how it will be for a little while.

Poo and I are feeling confident in our futures. Cowboy is being very supportive. So is the rest of my friends and family.


Chickie said...

Massage girl? Is that like giving real massages to people that take their clothes off or do you massage them in their chair? Heck, I'd do it for $20 a song! I worked as a waitress in a strip club once. The money was really good but it really let you see what asshats men can be.

Ginamonster said...

Chickie, I used to be a massage therapist, and yeah, people got nakid. This is different. This is more like a shoulder rub in a sleezy setting.