Friday, September 09, 2011

This is not a fashion blog

Dude. What the F*** with the fur vests?

I don't follow fashion. I don't generally get into trends. My uniform consists of jeans and a T-Shirt for normal wear and short skirts and fishnets if it's derby. Usually with a T-Shirt. There are other things that I would probably wear if I had the kind of money it takes to keep up with the trends, but only if I liked it and it looked good on me.

Case in point? Maxi dresses. I'm pretty sure that due to my overall shape, I would look like I was wearing a tent for a nightgown. Given my height, I'm pretty sure I'd trip over said maxi dress all day or worse, the hem would drag and get all dirty and tattered. Now my maxi dress is a maxi rag.

Maxi rag sounds very dirty. Eew.

I have begun spending rediculous amounts of time on It is helping me to collect all those cute things I find on the internet without printing them out. Recipes, craft ideas, decor ideas. Yarn and Soap porn. Quotes! You know I love me some quotes. And lots of outfits I would likely wear if I had money that are not jeans or t-shirts. Ok, mostly pretty dresses that I wouldn't wear since I don't have anywhere to wear them. I live in Northern Nevada. Sweat pants are acceptable club attire.

Today I was checking out the stuff that other people have pinned and what do I see but a Maxi dress (in a lovely shade of tourquoise) with a note on it that the pinner would love to have said dress with a fur vest.

Fur vest. I've always wanted to look like a muppet. Or a cave girl. Or maybe...

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