Wednesday, August 10, 2011


It isn't often that I come forward with a cause.

I have known this family for... Many years. I went to high school with Mikayla's father. His was the first wedding I officiated. He and his wife are good people.

Mikayla is a special girl. She's always lived with her mom in situations that were less than ideal. Tiny houses in not so good neighborhoods with too many kids because her mom just keeps having them. Now, she gets moved around according to where her mom's current boyfriend might be... At 12, she needs structure and stability. Her mom is currently between homes, and her current boyfriend is in Scotland.

I used to bring an extra craft for her when I would visit, hoping that positive interaction with adult women would help her to avoid the fate that befalls so many who have irresponsible parents. She was babysitting her siblings at 8, the age she was in the picture above. During that camping trip, at one point,  I was singing at her. She didn't get it. No one had sung her songs before. It broke my heart; my mom always put us to bed and woke us up with a song. (usually made up. I love my mother.)

Somehow, Mikayla has come through like the shining star she is. With dreams and aspirations and the knowledge that she can and will own a bakery some day. I know that is Mike and Rose's influence.

Mike and Rose are taking the opportunity to try and get custody. It's expensive, but I think Mikayla deserves a chance. This is what she wants. Go read her blog. She talks about the things she is doing to try and raise the money to pay for the lawyer. Buy a t shirt. Or, better yet, just send what you would have spent on the t shirt.

Every so often, we get the chance to play fairy godmother. Please help me make her wish come true.

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