Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Another day, another diet

We've heard it before. Every year or so I decide to go on some sort of diet and lose weight and then two days later, I'm binging on cookies.

When my old High School Choirmate suggested that I try a 5 day challenge, it didn't sound half bad. Emily is a Beachbody Coach and I have seen what the programs have done for her. Plus...

It's 5 days. If I can't do something for 5 days, I need to roll over and quit right now. I can get through 5 days on stubborness alone.

Follow the menu. Drink the Shake. Exercise every day. Well, I exercise at least 2 days a week now so what is another 3? Aren't I supposed to be Training for The Tough Mudder?

The menu? didn't look too bad. Actually, it looked pretty yummy. I had to remove a few things that I can't or don't eat, but not as much as you would thinnk considering I prefer to live on steak and cheese.

I measured. on Sunday...

Weight: 158 (WHAT?? I've gotta stop drinking so much cherry vodka)
Waist: 32
Hips: 41

If I was supposed to measure more, I didn't. I also didn't do my fat content because those things can be innacurrate and I didn't want to go all the way to GNC (if it isn't near work, my house, the wreck center or ManCandy's house, I don't want to go. BTW, the nickname on this one really makes me laugh. Not that he isn't. I'm just imagining his face if I called him that out loud) and pay a dollar to have it done. I'd rather use the evil pincers they used to pinch us with in high school PE.

I'm on day three. The only thing I have eaten that wasn't on the list was yellow squash and peas from my garden and olive oil. Last night I wanted something a little sweet so I sprinkled Stevia in my iced tea. There have been no cookies, cupcakes, ice cream sammiches or alchohol.

I have exercised every day. I'm drinking my shakes. When I get hungry, I have a snack (built into my diet).  I think I might even cook myself salmon every week because hey, that was pretty tasty!

I expect to take my measurements again this weekend. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm feeling pretty good about it though.


Sensei said...

I am interested in knowing how it works out. I haven't been on a diet, but I have curbed my food intake. I haven't lost pounds, but I have lost quite a few inches around my waist.

I still weigh around 240, but my waist has gone from an initial 50"(back then, I weighed 300#), when I saw you a few years ago, to 46" last year(when I hit 245#), to right now,40-38"(depends on what I ate for has been a long time since eating made my clothes fit tighter). I hope to not quit until I get to a 32" waist.

I am sure it is because I started muscle-building exercises. I still hate running and walking, mainly because I think running should be to go from point A to point B, but for running to be beneficial, you have to work up a sweat. And, it just isn't cool to show up anywhere sweating and smelling like a pig.

Ginamonster said...

LOL. I will let you know. It hasn't been easy, you know how I like to eat, but I would really like to lose this few extra I seem to have gathered back. Losing inches is better than losing pounds!! Pounds fluctuate a lot with water and all sorts of stuff. I think inches is where you see tru results.