Friday, July 30, 2010

In July, I found my Kind

I tend to think that its funny and amazing and strange and exciting all at once how things come together and you get pushed around by the universe.

a few days ago, I tripped over Kind over Matter and have been lurking there ever since searching out the good things in the world and trying to banish some of the negativity. Then, I found a magazine, an old copy of O that talked about decluttering, something that I need to do badly.

It helped and I am now on a decluttering path complete with a schedule I made in microsoft project.

There was another nugget in there. an interview with a Buddist Monk that talked about Mindful living and being happy. I am practicing this whenever I remember.

This week I returned to the gym.

Last night I met with a webmaster. Cheese is giving me a new website for my birthday. while I was falling alseep, I started designing a sign for my booth so that when I attend that farmers market in the south end of town, people will know who I am.

I am excited by my business again. Daydreaming about business is so much better than daydreaming about hitting someone.

Speaking of, I almost hit someone the other night. Not the same person, she did not drive me crazy that night, someone else. But I left the track and skated it off instead. I took deep breaths. I tickled a handy puppy. (SO EFFIN CUTE!!!) I moved past my anger, then took a blow to the head hard enough that it's still sore today.(two days later)

I took a leave of absense from skating. My team doesn't bout until October, so now is the time. I am in a frame of mind to build my business and be excited about it. I need to take advantage of that. For my own sanity. I think it's a good move. It's about time I start making some good moves.

Tomorrow I will drop off my weaving loom to be shipped to it's new home in Maine. Then Cheese and I are heading to the Renegade Craft fair in San Francisco.

July ended well. And August is oozing with promise.

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