Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mostly because I like to complain. Mostly

Living with three dogs and one other human is taking some getting used to. The human? Not so difficult. There are things she does that are different than the way I would do them, but for the most part, I don't really have any issues. I think it's funny that she showers B and I with the condoms she picks up at the gay bars, and she's been in a pretty good moo for the week that she's been here. She's also very thankful to be here.

The dogs on the other hand, those are a little more challenging. They are good dogs, really. But there are things that dogs do that I tend to forget about when I am on craigslist looking at the pet ads and thinking that perhaps I might need another furry companion. Like shed. Two aussies and a golden shed a lot. We vacuum almost every day but still I show up to work covered in dog hair. And breathe heavy. With doggie breath. and muddy footprints on the kitchen floor right after I've mopped. I've had to learn to put the garbage up on the counter when I leave. I think it will stay there are long as they stay here.

Then poor River got tangled in my yarn last night and while I didn't freak, I kinda considered putting them outside until I finished my project. I didn't. But I thought about it. There are two rooms in the house that have been designated dog free. I feel bad during times like now when they have been alone all day and I am holed up in my office, sending them out every time they try to sneak in. They don't even try to come into my bedroom, and for that they are good doggies. I'm not certain if they have been fed this evening as there is no sign that my roommate came home to do so. I have been gone most of the day. I end up feeding them a lot, but I am kind of hoping rack up karma for when I go out of town for a few days next week.

It's a good experiment, this. And I am learning a lot. I'm glad it's a short experiment. We will have to see how it all turns out.

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VickeyMichelle said...

You saw the picture, nuff said.