Thursday, December 11, 2008

Follower. Then, Funny

I joined FaceBook. I was resisting. Not one person was able to convince me. Then two of my Americorps buddies ganged up and got me to join. Now I am consumed. And reconnecting.

I was contacted by an old friend with whom I had a falling out several years ago. Since I'm pretty sure I blogged about it, I went looking for the post. In the now, he contacted me and we have been chatting all evening. It feels really good to be back in contact with him.

I didn't find the post. What I did find was this old post. Funny how things come around in a circle...

You know, because I really did try t convince work that I should be able to wear roller skates to get around quicker...

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RebTurtle said...

I created an account several months ago just so I could see someone else's. I've been slowly connecting and had quite a few people from school add me. It's fun, as long as you don't let it consume you.

All the add-ons are the devil. There's a bajillion of them and everyone is trying to get you addicted to their favorite "here, have a virtual present/game/stuffed-gerbil/give-the-polar bears-flea-collars from me because typing Hi just isn't good enough."