Monday, October 06, 2008

Generally, for the best

So, my friend Dennis asked me today whether I had seen that place where I used to work on the news this morning. Apparently, they announced that they are going to lay some people off.

After thinking about it for a bit, and I am going to admit that not all my thoughts and comments were kind, but I will get over that eventually, I realized a few things. And I was thankful, actually, for my good fortune in getting let go in time to find new employment.

1. If I had stayed there, I would have continued to try and buy a house. It is likely that I would have been able to find one in my price-range-at-the-time.

2. Chances are, I would have been laid off in the coming weeks.

3. I would have lost my house. And that whole dream of ownership which would have been turned upside down.

I am hoping that these realizations help me to get over my anger towards that place as I am in a MUCH better place now and feel secure in my little house. Even though my office is a disaster area.

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SadieGrey said...

Ah, I know this place now. I currently work for a bank that will almost certainly lay me off 'bout 30 days before the new year. I wish I had your good fortune. But on the upside, the whole thing seems to be leading me back to it seems...for for the best. :o)