Sunday, December 02, 2007

like lead, really.

Something has been weighing heavily on my heart. Well, several things, actually, but I don't share everything. Public forum, you know.

Several posts ago, I was upset. I was venting. I was ranting a bit.

Because I do not want to be a hunter. (My fervor over this is something to be discussed at a later date) But that isn't what is bothering me.

Here's the thing.

Growing up, art was considered something wonderful. To be an artist was one of the greatest joys and compliments. It meant that you saw the world in a way that is both different and beautiful. It was not about painting so much as it was an open minded philosophy.

Now, I live with a person for whom the word artist is almost an insult. To him it means that you are flighty. Good for little more than decorating. Concerned about little more than flowers. One without logic.

I have allowed this thought process to poison me against who I really am. To the point that I denied something about myself that I once fought so hard to have recognized by someone I respect as an artist. For this I am ashamed.

I allowed someone to make me feel bad about what and who I am because it doesn't fit into his view of how people should act, behave, think. And although I respect this person in so many ways, he doesn't always act the way I think people should, but I try to accept that of him. It's not up to me to try and make a change.

It IS up to me to hold onto the things that I believe to be true. And Artist, as a label, IS NOT an insult. It means you see beauty in the world. It means that you make an effort to add to it whether by painting and drawing or creating an intricate hair braid. It means that you make a concious effort to affect the emotions of yourself and others. It means whatever you think it means too.

I feel so much better.


NWJR said...

It comes down to insecurity.

Some people have personalities that don't allow them to accept that they're not the best at everything--or that there are certain things they just can't do.

People who create--artists, especially--are often the targets of these people's disdain. There is something very tactile about the process of "creating", whether it's cooking, painting, photography, sewing, dance...and it threatens the insecure personalities of those who can't. It's particularly rough on those who seek to destroy rather than create.

You have to be who you are. If you are a creative person, you get up in the morning and you can't even think of doing anything else. It's close to obsession. Any person that attempts to thwart that obsession is poison to the creative mind.

This doesn't make the creative person better. Just different. And as much as it is sometimes good to celebrate our differences, there are times when it's also appropriate to recognize that they can lead to unhealthy situations.

Buzz said...

The person (a dude I'm assuming) bags on the "artist" label probably because he doesn't have an artistic or expressive bone in his body.

It's his malady, not yours.

Another way to look at it is like this:

Elvis is the one who made history, not the guy who made his microphone.

Elvis = artist, does he not?

Chickie said...

What they said.

Sensei Ern said...

Don't be too upset. Most people do not have a true understanding of art. This person just needs to have more knowledge. His perception of what art is, is limited by a lack of knowledge.

Art transcends paintings. It is when someone creates something that speaks to the heart of another. DiVinci was an artist because his paintings spoke to so many people. Paintings are easy because other than speaking to the heart, they aren't good for much else. Same with music...except music can do more things because of its immediate participation in our lives.

But, other things speak to our hearts. Carrol Shelby is an artist with automobile design...nothing speaks to my heart like a 429 Cobra.

Evel Knievel was an artist to some. His jumps over buses spoke of the freedom to overcome seemingly impossible tasks to many.

Even Bill Clinton is an artist. The way he crafts a lie so that even his enemies think he is telling the truth is mind-blowing.

Hillary is an artist. How one person can put that much repulsion in one body...masterful.

I know how it can be frustrating when someone whose opinion you value does not appreciate you. You have to disregard their opinion. Some times, you have to remove them from that aspect of your life.

I do this with people who say my standup isn't funny. I know it is, because I hear people laughing. I just know it isn't funny to the one who said that, so I don't tell jokes around them. Maybe, you need to not let this person in your artsy side for a while.

Rich | Championable said...

You should feel better, 'cuz you're totally right.

Rock it.

Rick said...

ARTIST UNITE! Do what I do. Post your artwork on your blog for others to see.

Ginamonster said...

You guys rock. and Rick? I don't post my art because I don't have any dance on CD (although a video of the time I almost fell off the stage would be FANTASTIC) and because I really don't think you all want to see pictures of a bunch of yarn. I try to save the yarn porn for those who really want to see it. You know, other yarn geeks. but for you, I will post one. maybe two.