Friday, December 28, 2007

Dear Clint

Won't you please go now?

You come to my house. You feed Poo beer. He drinks enough on his own. tonight you brought TWO twelve packs and a fifth of Jack. Poo. I think, he had been planning on a quiet evening with his wood carving. I really wanted to play with my spinning wheel and maybe my new ball winder and swift combo (thank you Nana and Grandpa!) and was a little dissapointed when I realized that I had my Bad Girls of Craft meeting tonight. Until you showed up. Then I was glad.

I don't like not liking you. Especially when you tell me what a quality person I am. And since I went strait to my room when I got home, you entered my bedroom to do it.

This is my space. It's all I have to call "mine". I don't allow people in my room, usually. BR comes in. I don't really mind. He doesn't stick around. he doesn't take up space. But I didn't really want you in here. You don't know that. One would hope that the 40 pounds of alpaca fiber blocking my door would have stopped you.

It's 10 pm. And I want to go to bed now. Not because I am tired. Not because I don't have other things I want to do, not because I wouldn't rather be out in the common area crafting. Because I don't want to hang out with you.

times like this, I wish cowboy and I had a spend the night kind of relationship. that I could have called him while I was out and gone over there instead of comeing home and dealing with drunkiness.

Instead, the TV is loud, the trash is overflowing, someone burned the popcorn, and I am trapped in my room.


Rich | Championable said...

This post made me really sad. What an icky situation to have to deal with. Sorry, dude.

Anonymous said...

What suckage. I'm sorry too.

Chickie said...

Ahem. It appears that Tiny Dog was using the blogger account right before me.

Ginamonster said...

Rich, It makes me sad to feel that way.

Tiny, thank you so much for coming by! I never knew you were a reader! I am so pleased!

Chickie, Those crazy mutts...