Friday, January 04, 2013

I'm going through spending withdrawls!

I admit that I spent some on New Year's Eve, about which I have already written but have not posted because I want to attach a picture and I forgot to take care of it last night.

Not the point. The point is, that I have not wandered off my budget (excepting one 5 layer burrito and New Year's Eve) since I placed it and I'm finding it difficult to remain that way.

I'm not saying I won't. For example, I managed to spend only $.68 over on my grocery budget the other day, and I am really proud. I didn't buy anything that wasn't on my list, and to be truthful, I forgot something. BUT remembered that I had the ingredients at home so instead of buying cornbread mix, I made it from scratch. And it was delicious. And only slightly not-cooked. Apparently, in addition to a new fence, I also need a new stove. Or a stove repair. I may just have to be half baked for awhile.

I am, by nature, a pretty social person and I really like to do fun little things. Like today when I got a bug to make an Epiphany cake. Only with stuff in there that is relevant to my life and that of my friends, since none of us are particularly religious OR if we are, we don't advertise. That's private stuff, you know?

As I started plotting what I would put in my trinket cake, I remembered something really important. Trinkets cost money.

Darn. Kill that idea.

And then think about how no one really needs that crap anyway and while it would be FUN to do something like that, and I might find a reason to do it at some point, there's no reason to do things just for the sake of doing things if all they do is cost money, create random crap, and make me fat. I do love cake.

It's hard not to spend money when I have a million great ideas. I'm discovering though, that it's a lot of fun to find ways around the money issue without cramping my style! Mmmm. Cornbread.

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