Tuesday, March 08, 2011


You know how sometimes life just gets crazy? This has been mine...

Leave Friday, go to San Diego to attend and precide over Girl Roomie's wedding. Return Sunday Evening.

work and derby monday. Work and movies tuesday.

Wednesday leave work early, take the dog to the kennel, pack, and get on a plane headed to LA for March Radness, the LA Derby Dolls banked track boot camp. Return late Sunday night. Work monday, skip practice, go hang with my family who is in town this week. Work tuesday. Meet the CEO of the company and stumble when he asks what I do. feel weird for being the only one in the room with less than a lifetime of banking experience.talk like I am on speed. skip family time to clean my pig sty.

and so we land o the right now. I should go put the laundry away so i can change my sheets but what will likely happen is that I will sleep with the laundry pile again and then get up and do it all over again...

This weekend my family is still in town. Next weekend we have a bout in Quincy. The next weekend we have Jello Wrestling in Carson city.

I would really like a day or two at home.


212degreedesigns said...

take what you need soon.
you'll be glad you did.

; }

Sensei said...

Being a non-lifetime banker is your edge. If you are going to get ahead, play that. While the bank has a dozen suits that can run statements, you have experience outside of a spreadsheet. Your are the only one with that and that makes you the more valuable...so long as you can do a decent job reading the spreadsheet.

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Title of the queen of the potheads. "As you wish, your Weedness...a chariot full of Doritos will be at your beck and call."

Chickie said...

I'm tired just reading this!

The whirlwind will slow down before you know it.