Thursday, May 13, 2010

What? Two posts in one day?

I'm thinking facebook is probably tired of hearing updates on how filthy my house is.

I had a brilliant idea the other day. Actually, it was sometime last week, but I digress.

You see, the bunny situation, while improved, is still pretty nasty. Oliver, bless him, likes to sit in his litter box. and his lovely silvery fur soaks up all the pee he sits in all the live long day. Totally gross. Compounding this is the fact that I use feline pine litter. Everything else sticks in his fur OR it's extra stinky. The feline pine masks the odor of bunny a little bit longer. But only a little. Cheese finds the whole situation rather nasty. I do too, but Oliver is my critter and therefore I clean up after him. Or try to. Messy little fucker.

Inspiration hit. I, in my infinite wisdom, will use PUPPY PADS to soak up the bunny urine and Oliver will get clean and shiny and I will want to snuggle him and it will all be MUCH easier to clean, right?

Oliver ate the paper. He is now covered in the absorbent and baking soda mix they put in those puppy pad things and I, will be hitting the pet store tomorrow for a new bag of feline pine.

Apparently, Yesterday's news now offers a bunny specific option. We shall have to see how that works...

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