Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The rest was smooth

I was greeted the next day with a hug, which was awesome. Well, a hug and a boob grab, but we can work on boundaries next time. Cheese said he didn't talk to her so she must have seen by the fact that he didn't leave her to go sleep with me that he wanted to spend time with her. I think she needed to see that he wouldn't always leave her at night to go be with me. The rest of the weekend went pretty good. Kidlet was mostly distracted by other kids and when she wasn't, we found things to occupy her. I even had her help package soap a little. She really seemed to like that. I told her that she can help trim when she is 6. That gives her a timeline. And I think by that time she will be old enough to safely handle a potato peeler. 

We talked, Cheese and I, (and it was good) during the time when Kidlet was at the party. It was nice to have a little bit of time alone with him without feeling guilty about having "pawned her off". All in all, I think we just need a balance. And I keep telling myself that it will be easier when he is local because we can get on a schedule. And those moments alone will be less precious because there will be more of them. We are talking about taking camping trips East so that we can spend time with her. Things might get a little off over the next month or so because the Ex has moved in with her parents until the baby comes and that means that any time he is in town she will expect him to have the kidlet. Thank goodness he is almost completely moved out of that house. I am hoping that she will come to understand that he needs a small amount of time to himself before he takes over kid duty. I don't think she does, but I am hoping. If he chooses to spend that time with me, then great, but if not, I understand that after several days of constant company, you need a moment of self time.

Yes, I know she needs it too. And that with kids, you don't get a lot of that. but I also think it's a lot to ask of a person to come in from work and immedietly take over kid duty until it's time to go back to work. Just sayin, that's all.

Yup, this next month should be interesting out here in Bananaland...

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Sensei said...

Wait, some data I need to know. Is the baby on the way his, or someone else's?