Monday, October 19, 2009

Where it's at

I walked through my house today. It looks good and he's CLEANING IT AS HE GOES. Holy crap, I'm a lucky girl. It does need to be painted but the house is the awesome. 

I've been super busy procrastinating the packing process and coming up with new illiterations.  And with Derby. I've been working the haunted house at the skate rink to hep raise money for the league. Thanks to this wonderful opportunity, I have two new portraits to share. 

Although it may not be readily apparent, I am scary. What is even scarier is how I managed to do this:

This may not look particularly impressive until consider that in order to leave a face print on the wall, you have to hit it pretty hard. My nose is still tender, and it's still frickin hilarious. And no, I was stone cold sober.


Anonymous said...

LOL! FPATGL! (Face Planted Against The Glass Laughing!)

I only laugh because I have done them too often to count. Plus, a CSI rerun found a murderer because of his face plant, and 2 1/2 Men had a rerun with significant face plants.

Sensei Ern

Chickie said...

Dude, the face print! Ow! Lucky you didn't break your nose!